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Please note the following information if you want to return defective goods to us:      
Returning goods is only possible if you have previously received a return number (RMA) from us (RMA = return material authorization).    
Please send us the RMA form to: Fax: +49 8095-873373-99 or e-mail: info@home-cockpit.de    
You will receive this back with the corresponding RMA number.    
Returned goods can only be accepted if they are carried out free domicile and are visibly marked with an RMA number outside.    
Incorrect deliveries and damage in transit must be reported to us within 3 days, furthermore transport damage must be reported directly to the delivering forwarder. Please check the goods on delivery.    
Please always use the original packaging.

*** Checklist for returns ***
1. Fill in the form - see back page - IMPORTANT: exact description of the fault (If possible, do not simply state "defective", because the more precise the description, the faster and more targeted the processing can be).
2. RMA no. Apply for Fax: +49 8095-873373-99 or E-Mail: info@home-cockpit.de
3. Please enclose invoice copy (condition for a warranty repair)
5. Make sure that the RMA number is clearly visible on the outside of the transport packaging
6. Return deliveries free domicile, otherwise no acceptance can take place.      

Please return the goods immediately after receiving the RMA number, as this will expire after 7 days.    
In the case of unauthorized return (no error detected, third-party product, software problem, etc.), the goods against a processing fee of € 80.- plus transport costs u. VAT returned.    
For returns to the credit note, it should be noted that pasted and labeled products as well as used and no longer in original condition goods are excluded from the return and are processed as unauthorized return.    
Should we incur additional costs due to your return, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of the credit by the costs incurred.

Download RMA-form

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